The promotion of economic exchange between Italy and Brazil is entrusted to public and private entities.

Are pubblic bodies:

  • the diplomatic network: Embassy and Consulates, with their sales agents;

  • the Institute for Foreign Trade.

Instead are private entities:

  • the desk of Special Companies of Italian Chambers of Commerce (Promos Promec, etc...) and the desks of some rooms and Regions (Turin, Abruzzo, etc...), generally allocated at the Chambers of Commerce Italo-Brazilian;

  • Chambers of Commerce Italo-Brazilian active in Brazil.

The Development Agency Nordeste Brazil (Itane) intends to play its part to make more effective, in the Northeast of Brazil within its competence, the action of these bodies.

Given the vastness of the continent, Brazil, 31 times Italy, the focus of these institutions is aimed especially on the south and south-east of Brazil, where they are historically concentrated wealth and economic power.

In recent years, the economy of the Northeast, has grown at much higher rates than the national average. These regions are now the new frontier of economic development of Brazil.

L 'Nordeste Brazil (Itane) Development aims to collaborate with her Institution Governmental North East of Brazil, entering directly into the operations of the "Brazilian system" and providing strategic Infomation in Chambers of Commerce and institutions Italian presposte the development of the Italian system, currently not organically structured.

The goal is to provide active and autonomous promotional tool in the Nordeste of Brazil in the service of Italian and Brazilian businessmen interested in doing business in this part of the country.

In this sense, the Brazilian Nordeste (Itane) Development Agency fills a historical gap has arisen in the context of the presence and promotion of Italian in the North East of Brazil.