• On-Line Assistance

    On-Line Assistance

    Now you can get direct answers about your informations requests related to investment opportunities, analysis export costs in Brazil ... contact us.

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  • Northeast strateic info

    Northeast strateic info

    Want more strategic information to know
    about what areas to invest in Brazil? P>

    Construction, Biotechnology, Drinks, Software, Chalk, Photo Marble, Electronics, Health, Flowers, Catching fish, Photo Beekeeping, etc .. Contact us

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  • Brazil consultant

    Brazil consultant

    Want to be operating in Brazil ... request the support of the Consultant Brazil p>

    A single management service that covers the different areas of internationalization for Brazil.

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  • News and articles of Brazil

    News and articles of Brazil

    Articles with strategic information selected by
    Development Agency Nordeste Brazil dedicated to the internationalization
    between Brazil and Italy p> Read More

  • Press review

    Press review

    No account yet? In these years we have worked to
    support of internationalization in Italy and Brazil. P>

    Read our press release and the last article
    the Millionaire magazine on Brazil. P> Read More

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