Base information services for Brazil

        • General information and first orientation
        • Market reserch in Brazil
        • Customs information, tax, currency and techniques in Brazil

Looking for customers and Business Partners in Brazil

        • selection of a qualified list of potentially affected Brazilian companies 
        • sending a letter of introduction of the products prepared in Brazilian language
        • sending the documentation to the Italian company selected companies, with cover letter
        • telephone follow-up to verify a successful reception of the documents sent and to detect the degree of interest on the products presented
        • final report on the results to clients companies

Consulting for investment in Northeast Brazil

        • a) analysis of business requirements and guidance in accordance with economic developments and legislation in Brazil.
        • b) creation of a specific research at the potential counterparties and Italian company sending the final report.
        • c) assistance in starting and intermediate stage of negotiations with the partners, reliability and verification joint venture letter of intent
        • d) consulting contract for the establishment of the joint venture or investment, with the possibility of rererire personnel and property on site