The Agency is born because, so far, the land of the north and north-east of Brazil was not decoded in a context of investment opportunities by the relevant institutions as the internationalization or operate on a global scale without analyzing the macro area of the north-east, or are operating in other regions. Key information on the Brazilian market are mainly in Portuguese, Spanish or English; there are very few in the Italian information for Italians and also not systematic.

The available communications mainly concern the institutional arrangements or economic missions, but does not describe the investment opportunity, decoded by the local communication.

The Agency's goal is to develop the information network to provide business opportunities for Italian investors:

  • more interchange channels for direct and permanent contacts with public and private institutions and associations without neglecting other major players in the internationalization process;
  • supports for the interchange promotion activities and services available to companies, (intersectoral, intensity, continuity, effectiveness, benefits for Italian companies);
  • relations with the institutions, through agreements, relations with the Italian chambers of commerce, with representative associations, with businesses and other entities, with the Italian administration.

Using its vast information assets, the Agency will provide an innovative service on investment opportunities in the Nordeste of Brazil.

Agency mission

  • Provide information on the Brazilian market (statistics on land, infrastructure, population, labor market, economic sectors, etc.).
  • Specific information on the most important elements that characterize the driving sectors of the Brazilian Northeastern areas: sector studies and market analysis.
  • Information on legal regulations and contracts in force in Brazil.
  • Information on trade fairs in Brazil.
  • Information on Italian and foreign embassies and consular representatives, sales offices and other useful addresses, in Italy and in Brazil.
  • Information on Italian companies (corporate structure, budget, corporate structure, economic reliability).
  • Information on Brazilian companies that want to sell or buy products and / or services to and from Europe.
  • Patent information and national and international brands.
  • for research assistance and the selection of potential customers and suppliers: Information about potential buyers and companies that do import / export, divided by product sectors.
  • personalized assistance: identification of the potentially most appropriate foreign customer for a commercial partnership, building and agenda management appointments, company visits, preliminary negotiations and follow-up, research professionals for specific needs.
  • personalized advice on issues of international trade: insurance, contracts, customs, taxation, transport, payments, etc.
  • Organization of economic missions abroad, aimed at business meetings with foreign partners, participation in trade fairs as an exhibitor or visitor, meetings with institutional representatives or association system.
  • support services at the desk in Brazil during institutional and economic missions; meetings abroad with foreign business partners, support in the phases of follow-up of joint ventures with local operators.