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  • On-Line Assistance

    On-Line Assistance

    Now you can get direct answers about your informations requests related to investment opportunities, analysis export costs in Brazil ... contact us.

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  • Northeast strateic info

    Northeast strateic info

    Want more strategic information to know
    about what areas to invest in Brazil?

    Construction, Biotechnology, Drinks, Software, Chalk, Photo Marble, Electronics, Health, Flowers, Catching fish, Photo Beekeeping, etc .. Contact us

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  • Brazil consultant

    Brazil consultant

    Want to be operating in Brazil ... request the support of the Consultant Brazil

    A single management service that covers the different areas of internationalization for Brazil.

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  • News and articles of Brazil

    News and articles of Brazil

    Articles with strategic information selected by
    Development Agency Nordeste Brazil dedicated to the internationalization
    between Brazil and Italy Read More

  • Press review

    Press review

    No account yet? In these years we have worked to
    support of internationalization in Italy and Brazil.

    Read our press release and the last article
    the Millionaire magazine on Brazil. Read More

  • Associated with the Agency, Reviews and make a donation

    Associated with the Agency, Reviews and make a donation

    If you are interested in the processes of internationalization and want
    strategic information outside the conventional channels
    the "Italian system" Associated
    the Agency Development Nordete Brazil. Read More

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We support our partners with exclusive information internationalization stages of your business. We provide personalized assistance, with operational support in Brazil, providing all the legal consultancy, legislative, bureaucratic, tax, customs, including the establishment of Society of Brazilian law.

Agenzia Sviluppo Nordeste Brasile

  • Who we are - Development agency Northeast Brazil >

    The Agency of Northeast Brazil Development is a non-profit association, made up of entrepreneurs and istutituzioni both Italians and Brazilians interested in the internationalization of the Nordeste of Brazil and Italy. The headquarters is in Varese. Read More
  • Servizi Italia Brasile >

    Base information services for Brazil General information and first orientation Market reserch in Brazil Customs information, tax, currency and techniques in Brazil Looking for customers and Business Partners in Brazil selection of a qualified list of potentially affected Brazilian companies  Read More
  • Proposed Association >

    The Development Agency Brazil Nordeste, is a non-profit organization, whose activities depend on the structure of the associates and the quality of services offered. The agency's mission to Brazil Nordeste-development is based on the following points: • The import of Brazilian Read More
  • Rassegna Stampa Brasile >

  • The Italian system in Brazil >

    The promotion of economic exchange between Italy and Brazil is entrusted to public and private entities. Are pubblic bodies: the diplomatic network: Embassy and Consulates, with their sales agents; the Institute for Foreign Trade. Instead are private entities: the desk Read More
  • Statuto - Agenzia Sviluppo Nordeste Brasile >

    ATTO COSTITUTIVO DELL'ASSOCIAZIONE AGENZIA SVILUPPPO NORDESTE BRASILE   In Varese, via Foresio, 5, si sono riuniti il giorno 24 Settembre 2007 per costituire una associazione senza fini di lucro denominata " Agenzia Sviluppo Nordeste Brasile " i seguenti cittadini:    Salvatore Giordano, Read More
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